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Alex phelan

I am a designer based in the UK. I hold a strong belief that design should be used as a tool to add value to a product and extend a positive experience for the user. I always strive to create something that will captivate the user whilst elevating the goals of the business.

my approach

When approaching any project, my primary aim is to discover the most effective strategy for the specific business and industry involved. Instead of just focusing on creating the most visually appealing product and hoping for positive outcomes, I employ a data-driven design approach. This method prioritizes the users' needs, thereby facilitating the achievement of business objectives.

what i do

product design
Transforming ideas into tangible, successful products. Specialise in conceptualising, designing, and refining products for maximum market appeal and functionality
user experience
Design with a focus on user experience. I am passionate about creating products that are for the user, whether that be from an accessibility standpoint or user-journey point of view.
visual design
Creating aesthetically appealing and functional designs. Excel in visual storytelling, brand identity, and creating engaging user interfaces.
digital strategy
Skilled in developing comprehensive digital strategies. Combine market insights with user trends to drive digital innovation and business growth.
No-code to minimal code web development. Expertise lies in using this tool to build visually stunning and highly functional, user friendly web experiences.


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A screenshot of ASULA website homepage
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get to know me

My name is Alex, and I am a UK-based designer. My journey in design began in early secondary school, sparked by YouTube communities and my involvement in creating logos for YouTube channels. I transitioned into professional design six years ago and have since worked across various industries, adapting to diverse teams and working methodologies. In recent years, my focus has shifted towards user-centric product design, coupled with a foray into affiliate marketing. This has shaped me into a business-savvy designer. While I strive for aesthetic appeal in my designs, my foremost concern is usability, always aiming to align it with business objectives. I have honed my ability to strike a balance among these three key aspects.

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