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About the project
Slice 'n' Brew is a thriving independent pizzeria in Nottingham that launched in 2022. Beginning with a rudimentary Squarespace site, they quickly recognised the necessity for a website that more accurately reflects their brand and growing reputation. This need marked the beginning of our collaboration to design and build a new online presence for them.
My role
My engagement with Slice 'n' Brew was multi-faceted, focusing on building their new online identity. Key contributions included developing the initial concepts and wireframes, designing the user experience, and constructing the final website using Webflow. Throughout the project, I worked in close collaboration with the restaurant owner, ensuring every aspect of the website, from visual assets to content, aligned seamlessly with the brand’s ethos.
The problem and objectives
The primary aim for this project was to develop a website that is both user-friendly and visually compelling, reflecting the restaurant's growing reputation. Initially, their digital presence hinged on a strong social media following, complemented by a basic Squarespace site upon opening their restaurant. However, this website failed to capture the vibrant and trendy essence that their socials exuded. Our goal was to bridge this gap, creating an online platform that aligned their digital footprint but also gave more potential for reach.


Upon their initial visit to the site, users are greeted with a minimalist preload screen. This screen showcases the logo complemented by a loading animation and the brand's colours. This feature serves a dual purpose: it's not only a visual enhancement but also a practical tool. It improves the user experience for those with weak internet connections or slower computers, providing ample time for the pages to fully load in the background.


A key aspect of the brand's identity lies in its use of large, prominent text, evident in their storefront and social media. Recognising the importance of maintaining this characteristic, I ensured that the website echoed this style.  This approach not only preserved the brand's identity but also enhanced the user's engagement with the content.

interactive visuals

To align the website's theme with Slice 'n' Brew's identity of being 'cool', I incorporated several engaging visual elements. Notable among these are the large callout blocks which reveal images upon hovering. This hover effect introduces a live noise filter, mimicking the style of film photography. This design choice is intentionally reminiscent of the cinematic video in the hero section, ensuring a cohesive and interactive experience that reflects the brand's distinct personality.

the process

The process began with a foundational discussion with Ryon, the founder. This initial phase was crucial for understanding the limitations of their existing digital presence and outlining their aspirations for the new website.

Following this, I developed a comprehensive proposal that delved into the identified challenges, competitive landscape, and potential design directions, supported by mood boards. This document not only proposed a new website but also emphasized the importance of fresh features and content.

After finalising the specifics based on the proposal, I got started with creating initial concept designs, a site map, and a project timeline. This stage also involved deciding the creative direction for brand assets, to be developed by a third party.

The subsequent six weeks were dedicated to an iterative process of design, prototyping, and building. Regular weekly meetings with Ryon ensured alignment and provided opportunities for incorporating new ideas.

In the final project week, I presented the completed website and collaborated closely with Ryon on finalising the content. With thorough testing in a staging environment, we smoothly transitioned to a successful launch.